The Man in the Woods Pre-order

As Halloween approaches, I had to release another horror story. This year, I give you The Man in the Woods, a dark, twisted tale of love, lust and revenge. This is one of the three books that I had ghostwritten for another author and, later, bought back the publishing rights. Like The Spear of Destiny, I wrote it before I started writing horror, back when I was cautious about how the public would receive my brand of horror.

Although this book has my signature style of sex and violence, it has a darker feel to it than what I normally write. Of the three books that I am republishing under my name (the other two being The Spear of Destiny and Stranded, the latter will be published at the start of the new year), The Man in the Woods was the most fun to write. The ending (no spoilers) even took me by surprise.

The Man in the Woods will be released on Oct. 25th, but it is available for pre-order now.

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