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Perfect Moon (The Red Demon Trilogy: Book One) – $9.95

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Sean Jameson isn’t like other werewolves. After an attack that left his parents dead, and himself turned prematurely, his family disowned him for being different. He now lives a peaceful life on his own, until his family decides to destroy a human after another pack attacked him, turning him. With a small group of trusted friends, Sean chooses to stand against his former pack and protect the human. As the war with his family grows, drawing other packs into the fray, Sean will come face to face with his past and the truth about his parents’ murder.

Perfect Word (The Red Demon Trilogy: Book Two) – $9.95

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With the war with his uncle at an end, Sean Jameson can’t wait to go back to a peaceful life with his new pack. Unfortunately, peace doesn’t come. As the Church of Light begins abusing its power, trying to destroy the town’s wolf packs, a new pack emerges picking off Sean and his friends one by one. Battling a faceless enemy is the least of his worries; with animals stalking him, his hidden past comes to light, and Sean will learn the terrible secret as to why he is different from the normal wolves.

Insanity: A Horror Anthology – $9.95

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Warning: This book contains graphic descriptions of violence and disturbing imagery, and may trigger past traumatic events. Read at your own risk. What if insanity wasn’t a condition? What if it was a consciousness? An uncaring entity that can infect the hearts and minds of anyone at anytime? Insanity is a horror anthology of 13 interlocking, bone-chilling tales of innocent lives being claimed in the name of the eternal sentience of insanity. It feeds on terror, and it hungers for you. This is one book you will be too terrified to put down. Will you be safe? Can you escape the Insanity?

Vile Inheritance – $9.95

Amazon – http://mybook.to/vipb

When Vicky Rhoades inherits her absentee father’s cabin, her friends convince her to take them camping. She agrees, planning on using the opportunity to lose her virginity before she and her boyfriend go off to separate colleges.
As the teens engage in heavy drinking, drug use and sexual proclivities, a man stalks them, hiding in the woods, waiting for his chance to pick them off one by one in a twisted plot of revenge.
In this literary take on classic 80’s slasher films, a young woman struggles to maintain her self-respect, her friendships and her very survival.

A Sarah Connelly Story – $9.95

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Hi, I’m Sarah. Until recently, I was a bored housewife. Then, John discovered my attraction to his friend. As a compromise, we participated in a partner swap. His friend turned out to be horrible in bed, but his girlfriend was a wild beast. When Simone and I hooked up after that, my first lesbian experience, she took me down a dark, twisted path of pain and humiliation… Add a blackmailing client, a sexy surfer and a fetish club where anything goes, and my life would be turned upside down, a non-stop rollercoaster of sexual liberation.

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