Urban Fantasy

Perfect Moon (The Red Demon Trilogy: Book One) – $3.99

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Sean Jameson isn’t like other werewolves. An attack left his parents dead, and him turned prematurely. Now he lives on his own, abandoned by his family. Until one day, he risks his life to save an innocent man from death. He starts a war with his family, drawing in the other packs. With a few of his friends, he takes on his uncle only to discover the twisted truth involving his parents murder.


Perfect Word (The Red Demon Trilogy: Book Two) – $3.99

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After the war with his family, Sean wanted nothing more than to go back to a peaceful life with his new pack. Yet, that peace doesn’t last long. As the Church of Light begins to abuse its power, a new mysterious pack emerges, picking off members of his pack one by one. The other packs target him in an attempt to gain political power, causing him to flee for safety.


The Kidnapping of Cassy Fairchild (The Red Demon Trilogy #1.5) – $0.99

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When Sean Jameson and his pack fight a war with his uncle, the alpha of the Jameson pack, Cassy Fairchild is used as a pawn. This short story, told in Cassy’s POV, details the missing scene of her kidnapping in the novel Perfect Moon. See her relationship with Sean from her perspective and how dangerous it is for humans to live amongst werewolves.