Wishful Thinking – $0.99

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John considered himself lucky when he met the woman of his dreams online. After flirting and sending racy pictures to each other, she said she wanted to meet him. On his way there, eager to get laid, he takes a shortcut through the desert. He becomes lost and dehydrated. Suddenly, he finds a genie in a lamp, who seduces him and tricks him with a mix of rough sex and violence until she is free.

In the Dark – $1.99

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*WARNING! This story contains graphic scenes of brutal violence and descriptive sex. This story is not intended for the easily offended. Read at your own discretion.*
Amy blew off her boyfriend, Jonathan, for a night of arousing fun with his brother, Blake. She never expected to get caught in the act; they’ve been at it for months after all.
But the man lurking in the shadows knows, and he wants to make her pay for her transgressions, make her pay in the most unspeakable ways possible. Then, when he’s finished toying with her, he will reveal himself, letting her know exactly why she has to die.
Will Amy be able to escape? Or will she suffer by the hands of the familiar stranger?

The Slutty Bride – $1.99

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In this explicitly sexual and disturbingly violent tale of greed, betrayal and deceit, Caitlyn McNairy has it all. With her husband, David, she has money and power; with his best friend, Damon, she has incredible sex. Yet, when her sister, Carrie, and later David, catch her and Damon in the act, they plot a revenge that will test the boundaries of human decency.

Insanity: A Horror Anthology – $3.99

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Warning: This book contains graphic descriptions of violence and disturbing imagery, and may trigger past traumatic events. Read at your own risk.

What if insanity wasn’t a condition? What if it was a consciousness? An uncaring entity that can infect the hearts and minds of anyone at anytime?

Insanity is a horror anthology of 13 interlocking, bone-chilling tales of innocent lives being claimed in the name of the eternal sentience of insanity. It feeds on terror, and it hungers for you. This is one book you will be too terrified to put down. Will you be safe? Can you escape the Insanity?

The Intruders – $2.99

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*Banned from most retailers, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Apple iBooks.


Drake Rosewood’s wife wakes him in the middle of the night, he searches the house to find three intruders. They quickly hold him and his wife hostage. They give Drake a choice, his money or his wife. Unable to part with his fortune, he offers his wife as a substitute. Was that the right choice? How much abuse can she take? How long can he watch? What happens when she’s not enough?