The Intruders Giveaway

This Contest Is Closed.

The winner has been notified in the comments.

If intruders broke into your house demanding your money, what would you do? What if they promised to rape your wife if you don’t cooperate?

Some choices are easier than others, and even then some people make the wrong choice.

Those people must suffer the consequences.

The Intruders, though not my most disturbing work, still found its way on the banned list of most major retailers.

Here’s your chance to find out why for free.

To enter to win an e-copy of The Intruders, simply comment, answering this one question:

Would you chose to give home invaders your life savings or let them have their way with your loved one, and why?

The winner will be chosen randomly on Dec. 14th.

6 thoughts on “The Intruders Giveaway

  1. I would give them all of my money. That is replaceable. Pain caused on loved ones I would never be able to live with or watch. I’d rather have them do it to me.

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